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We tried to sum up the general queries we get. Please contact us for further information.

1. Geneal Information
Whpedia is an online portal that connects home tutors.
  • 1. What is Whpedia? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    Whpedia is Nepal's well known and trusted , organized home tuition service provider online platform that has been working as the bridge between teachers and students / parents or institutes/schools/colleges.

  • 2. Where will Whpedia provide its services? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    Currently we are providing our services inside Kathmandu valley(i.e Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur) and soon we will be expanding our services in the major cities of Nepal.

  • 3. Upto which classes is the teacher available from Whpedia? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    We are providing teachers up to high school(ie grade 12 and equivalent) level of NEB and CBSE board for home tuitions. Beside this we are providing teachers to Schools, Colleges and Institutes.

  • 4. About qualification and experience of the teachers from WHpedia Open Accordion Close Accordion

    We will be providing the teachers as per your requirements.

  • 5. What will be the tuition fee? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    Tuition fee will be determined as per the teacher requirements.

  • 6. Where will the location of the teacher be? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    Teacher will be within one kilometer of your nearest landmark.

  • 7. In how many days will the teacher be available? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    Teachers will be available within 4 working days after the approval of your teacher demand post.

  • 8. How long will the Teacher teach? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    It depends upon your teacher requirements and the salary you offered.

  • 9. Which subjects does the teacher teach? Open Accordion Close Accordion

    Teachers are available for any subjects as per your requirements in the academic field.

2. Terms and Policies
Privacy policies and terms related to Whpedia services.
  • 1. Terms and Conditions Open Accordion Close Accordion

    For the better understanding of the servies available from Whpedia, we suggest you to go through our terms and conditions.

  • 2. Privacy Policy Open Accordion Close Accordion

    We do not compromise on the data we obtain from our users. View our Privacy Policies for details.