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Our Mindblowing Features

WHPEDIA is not just for tutor assignment. We prioritize on getting successful result by enforcing our features onto the platform making it something bigger to standout its name.

3000+ Verified Teachers

Various Faculties, Qualified
3 major cities

Faster Tutor Match

Huge pool of teachers
location based selection

Attendance & Record

Tutor and Student Attendance
tutor and student performances

Affordable Rates

Lower Rates, Standard Quality
Quality before price

Easy Payment Methods

Online Payments Enabled
Digital diligence

Regular inspection

Reviews and Ratings for tutors
Suggestions are welcome

Subjects We Offer!

All Subjects, Grades, Exams

We provide home tuition facilites over varieties of distributions depending upon the requirements of the students. Following are few of many categories.

Exam Boards
  1. NEB
  2. CBSE
  3. ICSE
  4. A Level
Grade Levels
  1. Primary Level Tuition
  2. Secondary Level Tuition
  3. Bachelors Level Tuition
  4. Masters Level Tuition
  1. School Level Examinations
  2. Secondary Level Examinations
  3. Entrance Exam Preparation
  4. Character Building Programs
  5. Behavioral Sciences
  1. Exam point of view
  2. Help with Homeworks
  3. Course Review
  4. Extra Academic Course
  5. Behavior Development
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